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        Artificial Grass and Natural Grass

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        Introduction to Mixed Planting of Artificial Grass and Natural Grass

        The mixed planting of artificial grass and natural grass takes nutrient soil as the base, sows natural grass seeds in the artificial grass to cultivate a new soccer court. The root systems of the two kinds of grass interlace in a mesh shape, so the toughness increases significantly. Even if the natural grass is worn, the artificial grass can still have a good fixing action and protect the soil from exposing, giving sportsmen an excellent sports experience.
        Mixed planting grass makes the soccer court soft enough like a natural grass one while the cost is greatly reduced. It solves the fiber and filler dust problem of artificial turfs, the problem of high temperature scorching hot and static scorching of the court, combines the practical function, eco-friendly performance and aesthetic effect into a whole, introduces the advanced AI system, and pre-buries the irrigation system under the court, so that the system can store water when the water is less and drain water when the water is too much. It is simple and easy to maintain and its service life is up to 15 years. It is a revolutionary innovation product subverting traditional soccer courts. The successful R&D of mixed planting of artificial grass and natural grass is a milestone during the development of the soccer field construction industry.
        Compared with traditional soccer field turf mixed planting of artificial grass and natural grass has the following advantages:
        Environmental Protection Performance: Cultivate with natural nutrient soil filler; the fragrance of soil ad grass allows exercise much closer to nature, which is environmentally friendly and healthy
        Economic Performance: The construction cost is nearly the same with that of pure artificial grass courts but the maintenance cost is over 60% lower than that of pure natural grass courts. It is simple, convenient and fast to maintain and can be used around the clock. It’s enough to sow grass seeds during every winter and summer holiday.
        Practical Performance: The mixed planting of the two kinds of grass cannot only achieve the durability of artificial grass but also the comfort of natural grass. And the adoption of AI) can timed energy-saving irrigation system makes the court can still be used during irrigation and maintenance.
        Easy Installation: Such mixed grass can be paved on the cement ground, asphalt ground or even flat layer with stable dryness; the pavement of such grass on a standard soccer court can be completed in 20 days.
        Security: The moderate elasticity can effectively protect athletes’ ankles and knees. As it is filled with nutrient soil, no filler particles will enter the shoes and no particles or sands will fly into the eyes of sportsmen especially during intense movements.

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