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Eco-environmental protection of antibacterial and mildew-proof internal wall latex paint
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Eco-environmental protection of antibacterial and mildew-proof internal wall latex paint


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Eco-environmental protection of antibacterial and mildew-proof internal wall latex paint

Product number: SON-303
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Product profile

This product uses modified acrylic resin, selected special functional facial fillers and additives, refined into water-based ecological environmental protection antibacterial and mildew functional inner wall latex paint.


Product Use

It is widely used in advanced residential buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and other large construction projects.


Product characteristics

1. has excellent mildew prevention and anti-algae function;

2. good smooth flow, paint film, plump;

3. excellent water resistance, paint film is not easy to powder and fall off;

4. water-borne health products, super clean taste, in line with environmental protection requirements;

5. construction tolerance, paint film excellent scrubbing performance, lasting decorative effect.


Product properties

Ingredients: silicone modified acrylic latex paint;

Film color and appearance: white or any color, normal film appearance

Shluster: matte

Pratio: ≥ 0.93

Table stem time (h/25℃) ≤ 1

Brush resistance: ≥ 5000

Painting consumption: 8-10 ㎡ / L (dry film thickness of 30um) (the actual paint consumption will vary due to wall flatness and construction process;

Recoating time (25℃): over 2 hours (high humidity or low temperature should be extended).


Construction Suggestions

1. Surface Treatment: Before painting, the wall surface must be stable, clean, dry, smooth, and ash-free.Wall surface humidity shall be less than 10% (high adhesion drops, coating and foaming and flowering), PH shall be less than 10.

2 Construction tools: paint brush, roller, high pressure gas spraying, sandpaper;

3. construction conditions: construction above 5℃ and relative humidity below 85%;

4. recommended brush system: inner wall anti-alkali closed primer once, face paint 2-3 times;

5. dilution ratio: depending on the construction viscosity can add a small amount of (5-10%) water to stir evenly after the construction;

6. once painted brush should not be too thick, if necessary can be painted step by step;

7. The tools shall be cleaned with water immediately after construction.


Storage, packaging and management

Package: 20kg/ barrels, 5kg/,

Storage: stored in 0-35℃, cool and dry place, the remaining coating shall be sealed. If the product is opened and properly stored for 18 months. If the storage indicators meet the technical indicators of our company.



1. Air circulation shall be maintained during construction, and the coating shall be kept away from direct sunlight and heat source;

2. To avoid contamination with skin and eyes or inhaling excessive paint mist, please use masks, gloves and other protective equipment;

3. if stained with eyes, immediately clean with a large amount of water, and ask a doctor to treat;

4. places places where children cannot access;

5. This product is a pure water-friendly product and should avoid organic solvent pollution.

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