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Prefabricated Turf Track


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Prefabricated Turf Track

(Summary description)预制草坪塑胶跑道是优冠实业集团国家专利产品,其铺设的面层弹性好、耐磨、防滑、整体性强、色彩美观,具备优良的抗老化及耐盐雾、湿热、臭氧、紫外线功能,

Prefabricated Turf Track

(Summary description)预制草坪塑胶跑道是优冠实业集团国家专利产品,其铺设的面层弹性好、耐磨、防滑、整体性强、色彩美观,具备优良的抗老化及耐盐雾、湿热、臭氧、紫外线功能,


The prefabricated turf plastic track is a patented product of Youguan Industrial Co., Ltd. Its surface layer is of high elasticity, wear resistance ad slip resistance, strong integrity, beautiful color, as well as strong aging resistance and resistance to salt spray, humidity and heat, ozone, and ultraviolet rays. The R&D and design process fully considers the biomechanical needs of athletes: The elastic modified TPU layer with micro-bubbles and the micro-springs of synthetic turf are perfectly combined to form a unique composite fiber layer with micro-springs. This not only increases the integration between materials and the foundation, but allows the transmission of the rebound force generated by micro-springs at the moment of impact to athletes. Therefore, the track is a great shock absorber with high elasticity, strength and resilience, so it can effectively help athletes mitigate the impact received during exercise as well as muscle fatigue and injuries.

The prefabricated synthetic turf track is mainly composed of a leveling layer, an anti-stretch layer, a composite fiber layer with micro-springs as well as an anti-oxidation and wear- and slip-resistant layer.



1.Product Features

  • It can be used frequently: its turf surface is anti-oxidation and slip resistant, free of rubber particles, and spike- and wear-resistant.
  • It is good shock absorber with notable rebound effects and it has a unique composite fiber layer with micro-strings which ensures satisfaction during exercise built on biomechanical principles.
  • It has strong slip and wear resistance even in rainy days.
  • It has extraordinary resistance to aging and ultraviolet rays; it has stable color and gloss on the matte surface; it won't cause reflection of light and glare.
  • It is prefabricated and facilitates construction.
  • It can be used under all weather conditions and has a long service life; maintenance is easy to handle with low cost
  • It has strong fire retardancy, good insulation and sound proofing and high safety.
  • It is non-toxic, harmless and complies with new national standards and various local standards!


2. Analysis of Structural Characteristics

(1) Anti-stretch layer: (turf foundation)

Leveling the track surface effectively avoids bulging and stagnant water caused by uneven and unqualified foundations of traditional tracks and traditional prefabricated tracks.

Ensuring the transverse tensile resistance of track surface effectively helps avoid cracks and fractures caused by thermal expansion and contraction of traditional tracks and traditional prefabricated tracks.

(2) Composite fiber layer with micro-springs: (elastic modified TPU layer with micro-bubbles + synthetic turf with micro-springs)

The dense layer with micro-springs composed of evenly distributed special curly grass is closely integrated with the elastic modified TPU layer with micro-bubbles, which effectively improves tensile strength, resilience and shock absorption ability, and ensures comfort for athletes during exercise. Moreover, the formation of the fiber layer with micro-springs can effectively improve the aging resistance of the track and ensures a service life of up to 25 years.


3. Product Strengths

1. Stability: Compared with traditional prefabricated tracks, our product features a composite fiber layer with micro-springs which prevents cracking and blistering.

2. Lower price: Compared with traditional prefabricated tracks, our product can reduce material loss by more than 70 percent (material loss at the curve), with 30 percent reduction in the overall cost.

3 .Simplified Installation: the use of the gravity roller facilitates installation and saves 15 percent of working hours and 40-50 percent of cost.

4. Widespread Applications: lower requirements for the foundation

5. A longer service life: Due to the elastic quasi-fiber layer and micro-spring system, data from the aging resistance experiment shows that the elastic layer has a service life of up to 25 years, and the surface should be maintained every 8 to10 years

6.Environment-friendly: it complies with the latest national standard Sports Areas with Synthetic Surfaces for Primary and Middle Schools (GB 36246-2018)


4. Applications

  • Indoor and Outdoor Track
  • Tracks Used in the Approach Run for Long Jump and High Jump
  • Stadium Floor
  • Fitness Club Floor
  • Pedestrian Passages and Indoor and Outdoor Slip-resistant Mats


5. Construction Steps for the 13mm Thick Prefabricated Synthetic Turf Track:

Step 1

Concrete Foundation: First, check the flatness, ground strength, and water content of the foundation; if the ground surface fails to meet the standard, first polish it and then roll-coat waterproof sealer (waterproof sealer A and waterproof sealer B should be mixed at a ratio of 1:1 and used within two hours after the barrel is opened. The next step should be started within two days after roll-coating, otherwise testing should be done.)

Asphalt Foundation: Replenish emulsion (0.3kg/㎡), quartz sand and cement at a proportion of 1:2:2 for sealing.

Step 2

Use a scraper (the dosage of A5 elastic materials should be 2kg/㎡) for leveling. (No need for more water)

Step 3

Before the solidification of the leveling layer, install the synthetic turf (Model: YGQP-1204C066-BL/24, the dosage to be used depends on the design drawing)

Step 4

After the leveling layer and the synthetic turf are completely solidified, use a scraper (the dosage of A5 elastic materials should be 10kg/㎡) for leveling. (No need for more water)

Step 5

Paint the track surface with A15 waterborne basin (0.15kg/㎡)

Step 6

Site Location and Marking

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