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Prefabricated Running Track
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Prefabricated Running Track


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Prefabricated Running Track

① antioxidant anti-slip layer
② composite microspring fiber layer
③ tensile layer
④ looks for a flat layer
⑤ waterproof bottom coating
⑥ base
Synthetic Track
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The prefabricated lawn plastic runway is the national patented product of Youguan Industrial Group, The laid surface layer has good elasticity, wear-resistant, anti-skid, strong integrity and beautiful color, With excellent anti-aging and salt fog, damp and humid, ozone, ultraviolet function, The product in the process of development and design fully combines the biomechanical needs of athletes: combining the modified TPU microbubble elastic layer with the curved microspring structure of artificial lawn, Form a unique composite microspring fiber layer, Increase the anchorage tightness degree of the runway material and the base surface, The rebound force generated by the microspring structure is transmitted to the athlete, Make it have excellent elasticity, strength, toughness and shock absorption effect, Thus effectively reduce the impact of exercise, Reduce muscle fatigue and injury in athletes.           
Precast lawn plastic runway is mainly composed of: leveling layer, tensile resistance layer, composite microspring fiber layer, antioxidant wear resistance and anti-skid surface layer

Scope of application:

● indoor and outdoor track track

● long jump, high jump-assisted running track

● sports venue ground

● fitness ground Ground

● pedestrian passageway and indoor and external antiskid floor pad


Product features:

● high frequency of use: anti-oxidation and anti-skid lawn surface design, without rubber particles and threshing, with excellent anti-skid, nail resistance and wear resistance.

● good shock absorption effect and excellent rebound performance; The unique composite micro spring fiber layer, combined with the principle of biomechanics, creates a perfect sports experience and effect.

● good anti-skid and wear resistance, even in rainy days.

● it has extraordinary anti-aging and anti ultraviolet ability, durable and stable color, matte surface, no reflected light and no glare.

● integral molding, convenient construction.

● all weather service, long service life; Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost.

● good flame retardant, insulation and sound insulation performance, high fire prevention and safety performance.

● non toxic and harmless, in line with the new national standard and local standards.


Structural characteristic analysis:

(1) Tensile layer: (lawn cloth)

Flat the overall runway surface layer, and effectively avoid the runway drum package, water, and other problems caused by uneven foundation and substandard foundation quality of traditional runways and traditional prefabricated runways.

Ensure that the overall runway surface layer has excellent lateral tensile performance, and effectively avoid the opening and fracture caused by the thermal rise and cold contraction of the traditional runway and the traditional prefabricated runway.

(2) Composite microspring fiber layer: (modified TPU micro-bubble elastic layer + artificial grass curved microspring structure)

The dense microspring layer is closely combined with the microbubble elastic layer of modified TPU material, which effectively improves stretch performance, rebound recovery, excellent cushioning and a comfortable sports experience.At the same time, the formation of the composite microspring fiber layer effectively improves the anti-aging performance of the overall sports system, and has a service life of up to 25 years.


Product advantages:

1, movement system is more stable: compared with the traditional prefabricated runway, the formation of the composite microspring fiber structure solves the problems of joint cracking and foaming of the traditional runway.

2, is cheaper: compared with the traditional prefabricated runway, the material loss rate is reduced by more than 70% (waste some corners by cutting corners), and the overall cost saves about 30%.

3, installation is easier: using gravity rolling bucket and other processes, the installation process is relatively simple, hour saving 15% hour cost cost save 40-50%.

4, environment is more applicable: relatively low base requirements.

5, has a longer service life: the unique fiber composite elastic layer and micro-spring system. Monitoring by anti-aging experimental data shows that the elastic layer lasts up to 25 years, and the surface layer is maintained once in 8-10 years.

6, environmental protection performance is superior: the product performance is in line with the new national standard GB 36246-2018《 primary and secondary school synthetic materials playground ".

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