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PP Interlocking floor

Product Material: Polypropylene copolymer (PP)
Product color: red yellow blue light blue green orange purple
Product specification: 250 * 250 * 12.5
Modular Flooring
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Performance of suspended assembled floor products:

1, installation simple free stitching

2, multi-color collocation is practical and beautiful

3, health, environmental protection and safety

4, anti-slip texture anti-slip and wear

5, fast drainage speed dry without water accumulation

6, flexibility is well resistant to aging


Suspension assembly floor covers a wide range of applications: children's park, kindergarten, basketball court, tennis court, badminton court, badminton court, outdoor activity room


Characteristics of suspended assembled floor products:

High temperature resistance: withstand high temperature can reach 70 degrees, cold resistance can withstand low temperature up to minus 49

Anti-slip: soft surface particle design, stable friction.Ensure sports safety.

Firm: thickened, connection more stable, can be removed repeatedly, not easy to deformation.The gap effectively avoids the thermal rise and cold contraction.

Stability: the footpillar support enhances the load bearing, high attachment ground stability.Earthquake absorption, cushioning, and pressure resistance.Neform trench for easy drainage.

Stable: the cross is fixed, with no deformation.Not easy to break, good toughness, random bend without creases.


Installation steps for suspended assembly floor:

1, alignment: ear buckle relative to the lock eye

2, connection: ear buckle on bottom, lock eye on top

3, fixation: Use rubber rod and press hard in lock position

4, edge: After home installation, install the edge bar


Notes for suspension of assembled floor:

1, site surface is flat, dry, strong and no sand, no empty drum or bulge on the ground, must ensure that the ground must be clean and tidy before installation.

The 2, construction site shall be between 20% and 75% with a temperature of 18℃ -30℃ and less than 0℃ is not recommended.

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